In my posts, I use a few terms which probably makes no sense to a lot of you…

MODIFIED OR Signs/Karaoke = Subtitles which I have edited for whatever reason. Most of the time, I edit the subs so that the English dub version still has the ED/OP karaoke and signs. Occasionally, there are minor edits.
MERGED = Merged subtitles from different subber groups.
RESIZED = Changed size for better viewing experience. Mostly benefits HDTV users.
eng dub+ = Contains english audio with other languages as well.
In separate file = Self-explanatory.
CUSTOM SYNC OR SYNCED = Manually synced. Can apply for audio or subtitles.
ERROR CORRECTED = Only on Sengoku Basara S1 so far. I manually error corrected some spelling mistakes in the subtitles themselves. (You’ll rarely see this.)