With this many torrents on the site, funds are needed to maintain them. This is where donations come in.

Donations are use for:

  1. – New hardware (Especially with x265 which is basically 24/7 encoding. Parts to make the job easier. Always in need of Hard Drives.)
  2. – Hardware repairs (Dying HDDs, bad/worn out parts.)
  3. Seedboxes (A monthly service used to share torrents at a fast speed which keeps them alive much longer.)
  4. – The Direct Download/Streaming Server! (The Most Important)
  5. – Web hosting! (Very Important. The website itself.)
  6. – Etc (Other small things that may help)

Any donation is appreciated.

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hey the login page is not working so i am commenting here.
I am an developer and i can provide you unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth.
It is my private server.
please Reply at my email if you are interested.


We might use that server if you are interested in helping us.
Contact me at : DKB#7143


Zack are you still alive??


Hi, it is impossible for me to verify my account, is it a glitch or something? I’m using the code provided but it gives me an error…


What’s up with the new donation thingy? Haven’t checked this page in a while after setting up a recurring payment on PayPal.
I only see “buy a coffee” and the other iframe (what’s up with that “Test GiveWP” btw?)

Any way to set up a recurring payment?


Thanks for the clarification.
And yeah, buymeacoffee was easy to set up. Happy to help


so is 150$ the exact needed to keep the site up?


is there a way to donate other than bitcoin or paypal?


I got an idea and I want to help, can we chat? from looking at your ftp site it could be closing soon.

I can provide servers and storage, I’ve helped other people in a similar situation to yours.

Contact me via my email or we can chat here.


It would be perfect if we could chat some how on some platform you want to chat on. happy to work stuff out with you!


Hey, i hope i can get this sorted before 04/04/2021 as your streaming says may go down then.

Please contact me via email this is not spam and i just want to help.


Hey there, If you can then can you please ping me at : DKB#7143 on discord.


Hey man, sorry to hear the site is hitting hard times. Seems everybody is very money conscious these days when really $1~5 a month from all the fans would probably help out so much. Wikipedia is having the same problem, yet my gym membership takes more then what they ask for per month and I don’t consider that a valuable resource like your stuff here and Wiki.

Anyways, would hate to see your site close anytime soon when I am just getting around to updating my anime collection after the holidays. So here is some funds to help you stay afloat into the new year. You will probably see me snatching some downloads come January.

Keep up the awesome work as always my man! and Merry Christmas!


Hey man, can’t donate any money right now, so I want to say what an incredibly dope thing you’ve created here, I am truly astonished. Great fucking job!

Also, in your post about how to stream you mention that it’s not possible to stream x265. That’s incorrect! All you need is to download this package from the Microsoft Store –
Then attempt to stream an x265 video file in Microsoft Edge (make sure its updated).

There used to be a free version, but unfortunately it is no longer available =/
If someone is reading this in the future, look for the free version, maybe they brought it back!

Anyway, thank you NoobSubs <3


I honestly believe that everyone on this site should donate between 1 to 10 dollars every month to help support this guy… This website takes mad dedication!!! Can’t imagine me doing all that.


I’ve been here regularly for more than half an year now and I love this site. After the changes it’s even better. I always wanted to support your had work, but unable to. I’m a student and my allowance is kinda limited. So, I’ve a suggestion.

There are certain websites out there which like noobsubs are free from ads and depends on donations but also having a separate subpage just to show ads, promotional contents which provide them additional revenue. I suggest you to do the same. Because the ads will only present on that particular page isolated from the rest, you don’t have to edit any current webpages or the upcoming ones, viewers who donate, who hates ads won’t be affected and a lot of people like me can support you by watching those video and banner ads.
Thanks for this wonderful site.

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I’m happy to donate if I can do it without having to identify myself in the process. Is there a 100% anonymous option?


Send it to bitcoin address like: 1FdULEa9UikoiDJko33pPABMNM7MszKJ7o


Life is pretty tough recently, to be honest, but yor hard work really deserves a lot. So as soon as I can, I’ll make sure to donate.

Laurence Tan

Thanks for everything man! idk why i prefer mp4 files over mkv files will donate to keep this site running!

Alma May

you’re works are second to NONE!!
a bare thank you is not enough …
gonna donate as soon as I get some cash … probably a week or two

(that’s why I hate VideoGames sometimes they’re sucking all of my savings) Lol

Alma May

I mean Your*


ikr? how do people not know about noobsubs? i mean, this guy deserves so much more for subbing and encoding anime.
and also, yeah, don’t have a ability to donate yet


i need seeders for shokugeki no soma :'( pls help


monogatari collection is great. will try to donate next week

big fan

completely broke right now… you’re doing gods work so i’d love to donate when im able to though

Miro DeMarie

Good deeds do not need to wait. I have just donated 10USD. This is nothing compared to the joy the movies and series in this site brings to me. I hope more people donate as much as they can to support the author.