If you guys have any suggestions, comments or requests for animes, you can in the comments section below. The more you remind me, the higher the chances.
I dislike lolies. Keep that in mind.

Btw: If I’m slow to reply to a comment or to update anything on the site, it’s because uploading/updating takes time so you’ll have to deal with me being a slowpoke.

Don’t forget to seed.

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K-On season 1-2 & movie (blu-ray) 1080p if possible


If possible, please upload Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199: Tsuioku no Koukai and “Uchū Senkan Yamato” to Iu Jidai: Seireki 2202-nen no Sentaku please!


I hope you are alright. I haven’t seen any activity so I was worried if anything happened. Do drop a few animes if you ever feel like it.

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RIP Noobsub


Currently downloading at 300kbps with qpprox 2 days let’s see with 400mbps connection


Please reseed maken ki seed seed seed


There used to be a direct download options but now only dead torrents are available

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