Seeding Requests

If a torrent is too slow or doesn’t have any seeds, try typing something like: “SEEEDDD!!!” in the torrent’s comment section and I’ll try to see if I can figure something out.

I do listen to your seeding requests, even if I don’t answer, depending on the torrent and my seedbox’s usable disk space.

Edit1: I got all the storage I need AS LONG AS THIS SPECIFIC SERVER STAYS UP. *Most* torrents are seeded.

Edit2: I may have to upgrade soon…

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Hey, I found an old torrent of Arietty (dubbed) posted by Novice10 in 2014 with NoobSubs in the description. Would this be something you could seed? Sorry if I got the wrong person! Thank you!!


DEATH NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


Amagami SS Plus 1080p Needs Seeding 🙂 <3

I have been able to download 2.35G and Uploaded 9G so far of what I have, will seed it to 10x when finished.


pls bring all of black lagoon thankyou


please make subs for NieR:Orchestra Concert 12018. i love this concert & Previous one, Thanks


“the eccentric family” season 2 missing.


Hello noobsubs admin! I’m Temary and I represent the Galaksion ad network. I found the website and thought of possible cooperation with you:) Do you consider new opportunities and working with different networks? Message me if yes:, temaryz0(telegram)


Ganbare douki chan


Please seed Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 2.22 1080p English dub


direct downloads options are not available


please seed Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 dual audio


alot of torrent not working

levi ackerman

shirobako complete 720p 8 bit AAc
please seed thank you


Fire Force Season 2


[NoobSubs] Hunter x Hunter Complete + Movies (720p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4)
want this torrent to be seeded thank you.


can you upload flcl please


the demon slayer movie if possible


Kaizoku just released this. They’re the same who did Jujutsu Kaisen


Plz upload vivy fluorite eye’s song. Bluray (1080p) if possible.


Hoping you’re doing OK… no updates recently.


Quite concerning


Bro pls upload metropolis 2001 dub


I’d like to request Lupin III dual audio. I believe this series is popular enough, yet almost no work has been done on it.


At least the most recent series (part IV and V). And Cagliostro.


please k-on!!


Is there any Cantonese Dubbed versions of Studio Ghibli movies

CJ Eraldo

I request girls und panzer series please


Also the Anzio OVA and the Finale movies!


will Danmachi season 3 be coming anytime soon ?.

Shawn Berg

You have the episodes for Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe ordered wrong, I recommend look at the wikipedia article for the series so that you know the correct order of them.


Hey there. I was wondering if you could try and get the dub versions of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series. Japan Sinks 2020 too


Rail Wars 1080p has only 0.083 availability, please do something about this


Hiya Zack, would it be okay if you could download Ghost in the Shell first and second series? English or Japanese is fine. I can’t find them anywhere – if you happen to do so, please reply back here I will happily donate $30 thank you 😀


Sorry – just to add on – I notice you already have Arise and also the new 2045 series. I meant the “Stand Alone Complex” series and also the Second Gig (Second Gig is season 2) thanks 🙂


can you seed Sword art online 2 1080p? thank you


Hey! Somebody is apparently using your name on Nyaa.


Hey Zack, I heard that the last part of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel finished back in spring of 2020. I know the west is still waiting on the BR rips. Would you possibly be making any Mp4’s for that set when done? I hate that I can only get x256 files of this 3-part movie set grr.. >_>


I’m also hoping for this! MP4’s for the set would be great 🙂


hay dude this site is…amazing i just discovered it like iv never hear of this and legit just stumbled upon u i would donate but im broke like 0 in da bank but this place is amazing the website runs well, all things work, and its simple to use. I honestly would hate to say this but you should add some adds like small ones that come at the end of the episode or like when scrolling there’s some ad about something and its not like an unmovable site due to adds. just a suggestion i’m going to recommend this place to as many people as i can before the server goes down and hopeful they can donate something cause i can see u have a passion for this.


can you add Fruit Basket (2019) season 1 and 2

pero pero

Not a seeding request but still: Nausicaa and Kiki’s Delivery Service are faulty in the server. Can you fix this? THX and Merry Christmas

Kouryu Taishi

Is it okay if you could also seed Cross Ange as well?

I’m currently stuck at 99.0% now, and it’s not downloading anymore. So….uhmmmm…help?

Kouryu Taishi

Oh. That’s sad as well.

Ironic that technically, the torrent is for all intents and purposes, already complete. The episodes themselves, the soundtracks, all of it. The only thing that’s missing is the clean OPs and EDs, hence being stuck at 99 percent.

Ah, well. I’ll just leave it as it is until someone out there still has a complete copy of this release of yours, with the clean OPs and EDs.


Please seed! Thank you very much!


Please seed Aldnoah.Zero. At least the main series…


Please seed! Thank you very much!


Can you do Cr Subs pls


Stand Alone Complex: Ghost in the Shell
Also a decent suggestion as well? :)))


Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale
I know it’s a movie but I can’t find it anywhere and I’m dying to watch it, I would appreciate if someone could seed it. :)) thanks


Could someone please seed Sengoku Basara S1 01-13 + SP 01-07 + Extras (1080p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4)?

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