[NoobSubs] Kingdom S1 07 (1280x720p 8bit AAC)
This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with video encoding in my life. There may still be a few small errors but that’s not my fault because some of the original streams had some corruption (It’s nothing to worry about.). I hope you enjoy the videos that cause me all of this pain and suffering.

I was down and out but now… I’m coming back with a Vengeance!!

Title(s): Kingdom
Video: 1280x720p [A-Destiny] -> 1280x720p MP4
Audio: Japanese 2.0 channel AAC
Size: 15.6GB
Subs: [A-Destiny]

Download: Torrent
[torrent id=”24943 stat=0″]

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thank you for very much for kingdom in mp4. could you please seed this torrent , with best regards