The Music is amazing so I needed to do this. It’s the type of Soundtrack where you keep every song. Expected from MONACA.
I like this song. (On my website)
Edit: I just realized I spent way too much time on this…

“This concert Blu-ray disc features seven versions of the same concert. All of the music, as well as the two statements made by Keiichi Okabe (tracks 02 and 21), are footage specifically from the May 9th nighttime concert, entitled “Farewell.” This is treated as the “default” concert version on the Blu-ray disc. For all other concert versions presented, the opening track, the closing track (during the end credits, there is unique voice acting), as well as the four Voice Drama tracks (five tracks for the “Lies” concerts) vary in terms of content and track time.”

“For the May 5th performances (day and night), these tracks show the voice actors reading from the drama tracks, live. For the other performances, the text is shown on-screen but no footage is seen from on-stage actors reading the text, though some still images and occasional animation from NieR: Automata are shown.”

– Very well tagged
– NieR Music Concert 2017 -The Memories of Puppets- (Used -Farewell- May 5th nighttime)
– NieR Music Concert Voice Drama extracted into 7 video files.
– NieR Music Concert Voice Drama Original Japanese Scripts and translated PDF

Extra Soundtracks:
– [NoobTracks] NieR Automata Original Soundtrack [MP3V0]
– [NoobTracks] NieR Automata Original Soundtrack HACKING TRACKS [MP3V0]
– [NoobTracks] NieR Music Concert & Talk Live Soundtrack [MP3V0]

Title(s): NieR Music Concert 2017 -The Memories of Puppets-, NieR Music Concert 2017 -Ningyoutachi no Kioku-
Video: Japanese BDMV -> 1920x1080p HEVC MKV
Audio: Japanese 2.0 channel AAC
Subs: Softsubbed English PGS, Chinese PGS, Korean PGS

Download: 1080p|5.50GB
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