[NoobSubs] The Borrower Arrietty (1080p Blu-ray eng dub 8bit AC3)

US dub + UK dub + French dub.

Took me a while to figure this out.
I added a sloppy ass tutorial on how to add the extra audio file(s) to the video. Don’t worry, it’s so easy, any noob can do it. Please let me know of any issues.

Title(s): The Secret World of Arrietty, The Borrower Arrietty, Arrietty, Arrietty le petit monde des chapardeurs
Video: THORA-UTW -> 1280x720p/1920x1080p MP4
Audio: English/English/French 2.0/5.1 channel AAC/AC3

Download: 720p|1.76 GB / 1080p|4.73GB

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we need more seeders. im not even reaching 500kb per second.